August 2017 – July 2018 : Technical Artist

At Meta, I created prototypes and demos to showcase the potential of the Meta 2 headset to customers. These demos include the Meta Viewer, a tool to help Solidworks users view their exported models in the headset with no prior knowledge of Unity. I created the stage and tool platforms, scripts to place the tool icons in an arc around the platform, as well as a script to control the dynamically updating scale graphic. I also worked to refine visual elements including lighting and shaders in the scene. Other team members helped create the file browser and shelf to display the files that are loaded and available for viewing (not pictured below). The beta version of Meta Viewer was announced at Solidworks World 2018, and I provided technical support for the stage and expo floor demos. Later the app was also released with the Meta SDK.



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2014- 2017 : AR/VR Developer

I created the design and content for an initial prototype of a Google Tango shopping app, working with another developer during a 3-day event.  Due to the success of this work, Avametric was able to continue a partnership for several months with Gap and Google to release DressingRoom at CES 2017. In addition to the initial prototype, I refined graphic elements of the final app shown below such as the rotation control visual, shelf platform and avatar shadow. I also worked to on a script to refine the lighting of the shelf avatars and did extensive quality assurance and performance testing. During this project, I also contributed to research, planning, creating and publishing builds, and assisting other developers with learning 3d graphics and Unity concepts. During CES, I provided technical support for the stage, media and expo floor demos.