HD Reel on Vimeo

QA-ARM-A: Lighting & Compositing

Maya, Nuke

I set up the lighting for these shots and composited all of the elements together. Other team members created the sparks effect, and helped tweak the motion blur of the hands moving at the back of the tunnel in the hand slap shot.

QA-ARM-A: Surfacing

Maya, mari

I painted the textures and created materials for the robot. I also created the lighting setup for the robot’s headlight.

Léon’s Plant

Maya, Mari

This was a personal project inspired by Léon’s plant in the film “Léon: The Professional.” The leaves are from the “Plant” model from the Digital Tutors asset library. The environment model is the bedroom scene from Challenge #21 at I modeled the terracotta pot, painted textures for the plant and the room, and set up materials and lighting. I used subsurface scattering, global illumination and final gathering to achieve the result.

Pizza Cutter

Maya, Photoshop, nuke

This was a personal project and I created every detail in the final image. This includes the background photograph, modeling, textures, materials, lighting and compositing.