Musical Mushrooms

In March 2016, I participated in the SF VR Hackathon with friends to create an interactive music experience. During the weekend, we came up with an idea to create an app where users interact with glowing mushrooms to create sounds and beats collaboratively. I have continued to work on this project after the hackathon and the current version is built for the web using Babylon.js. Desktop works currently and support will be added soon for viewing on a mobile device or mobile VR headset!

Check it out here:

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Refreshing the page will generate completely new and randomly shaped/colored mushrooms! This is a work in progress, so I’ll be adding more complex interaction and polishing the visuals. This will include adding more interesting shading and lighting, mushroom animation and maybe some particle effects as well.

Below are some additional images of the original concept art and Unity version of the project that includes gnome avatars for the users. There are even a few photos from the SF VR Hackathon! 🙂 Any of these elements may eventually resurface in the final website.

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